How to choose the type of exhaust fan for several ventilation places

Summary:1. Ventilation of the warehouse, first check whether the warehoused goods are flammable and explosive goods, such as pai...

1. Ventilation of the warehouse, first check whether the warehoused goods are flammable and explosive goods, such as paint warehouses, etc., explosion-proof series fans must be selected. Secondly, depending on the level of noise requirements, you can choose roof fans or environmentally friendly centrifugal fans. Then, depending on the amount of ventilation required for the warehouse air, you can choose a very conventional axial fan SF type or exhaust fan FA type.

2. Kitchen exhaust. For the kitchen with direct exhaust of oil fume indoors (that is, the exhaust outlet is on the indoor wall), you can choose SF type axial flow fan or FA type exhaust fan according to the size of oil fume. Secondly, for kitchens where the oil fume is large and the oil fume needs to pass through long pipes, and the pipes are bent, it is strongly recommended to use centrifugal fans. This is because the pressure of centrifugal fans is higher than that of axial fans, and the oil fume does not pass through the motor. It’s easier to maintain and change. Then, it is recommended that kitchens with strong oily smoke use the above two options together for better results.

3. Ventilation in high-end places For ventilation in high-end places such as hotels, tea houses, coffee bars, chess and card rooms, karaoke halls, etc., conventional fans are not suitable. For the ventilation of the small room, connect the ventilation pipe to the room with the central ventilation pipe. You can choose the FZY series of small axial flow fans on the basis of taking into account the appearance and noise. It has a small size, plastic or aluminum appearance, low noise and high air volume. Secondly, from the perspective of stricter requirements on air volume and noise, the fan case is a good choice. There is noise-absorbing cotton inside the box, and the central ventilation duct can be connected to the central ventilation duct to achieve a significant effect of noise reduction. Then, to add, for the indoor air blower in the gym, you must choose a large-volume FS-type industrial electric fan instead of a SF-type post-type axial fan. This is from the aspect of appearance and safety.