What is the difference between an industrial exhaust fan and a ventilating fan

Summary:From the basic knowledge of exhaust fans, we can know that ventilation fans and exhaust fans are all types of exhaust fa...

From the basic knowledge of exhaust fans, we can know that ventilation fans and exhaust fans are all types of exhaust fans. In addition, there are industrial exhaust fans. Industrial exhaust fans are specially designed for large enterprises such as enterprise companies.
Although the ventilating fan is also a kind of exhaust fan, not everyone knows the difference. At this time, there will be some questions or doubts when choosing! After all, I don’t know what is the most suitable one.
Next, I will introduce the difference between exhaust fan and ventilating fan: First of all, the appearance of the exhaust fan is generally made of iron. The appearance of the ventilating fan is different from that of the exhaust fan, and it is generally made of plastic.

Larger exhaust fans are mainly wall-mounted, directly installed on the wall. However, household appliances are usually installed on the windows or on the top of the wall in the form of suspended ceilings.
Today's industrial exhaust fans are very perfect. Some types of higher power can choose the steering of the blades. To a certain extent, they completely play the role of ventilating fans, and play the role of exhaust and suction according to different directions.
Industrial exhaust fans are different from our small domestic exhaust fans. Its installation requires professional staff, and some things need to be paid attention to during installation. If the installation is not in place, or there are some problems in the installation process , It is bound to affect the use of exhaust fans in the future.

Industrial exhaust fans are generally used in places where large air volume is required, such as factories, schools, canteens and beds. Generally speaking, industrial exhaust fans have a limited use environment. The general ambient temperature is Between -30 and 50 degrees, different industrial exhaust fans have different functions. For example, some industrial exhaust fans have air intake function, but these functions need to be set by the user according to the manual.
The use environment of industrial exhaust fans is generally used in some occasions that require low noise and high static pressure to achieve an air circulation effect. Before installing the industrial exhaust fan, it is necessary to determine an installation position. The confirmation of this position requires attention to the use environment and see which part of the installation is most suitable, so that the industrial exhaust fan can achieve the best use effect.