Where can the spray fan be used in daily life

Summary:The spray misting fans is used in a wide range of places: 1. Cooling down: cooling, humidification, mosquito repellent,...

The spray misting fans is used in a wide range of places:

1. Cooling down: cooling, humidification, mosquito repellent, disinfection/deodorization, static prevention, man-made landscapes; such as urban parks and civic squares, residential areas, and foggy places are very popular; several major parks in Nanjing and Wenzhou Fog scene projects are all done in Zhejiang. For example, several companies in Zhejiang have developed into professional spray fan companies; outdoor restaurants, entertainment venues, stadiums, sports fields, airports, bus stations, large-scale gatherings, hotels, and livestock farms. Sheep cooling

2. Humidification: In continental climate areas such as Australia, China or China in winter, it is difficult for various organisms to survive due to the relatively dry climate. Among them, humans and animal husbandry are more serious, because animals breathe dry air, they are more prone to organ problems So that coughs, colds, and bacterial infections; humidification of the air can improve these conditions; dust explosions are a headache for industrial companies in the world. After years of promotion by myself and the company, many textile companies, wood Dust-rich spaces such as production plants have been greatly used.

3. Mosquito repellent: the resort areas are concentrated in mountainous areas or seaside areas, with more trees and flowers and grasses, and these places are usually also the areas with the most small net mosquitoes and aegypti mosquitoes, which often cause headaches for tourists and businesses. Fog can help the industry solve these most difficult problems. Generally, it is more difficult for mosquitoes to fly and survive in areas with heavier fog. Therefore, add proper amount of essential oil or insect repellent to the artificial fog system.

4. Disinfection: Any kind of high temperature and humidity environment, especially livestock farms, often cause many infectious diseases due to poor ventilation. At this time, artificial fog equipment is needed. Sprinkle some disinfectant in the spray fan water tank. Can be disinfected. Because of its fixed installation, disinfection spray can be applied for five to ten minutes each morning and night, which can reduce the spread of infectious bacteria and reduce the chance of outbreaks.

5. Deodorization: chemical factories, livestock farms, garbage dumps and sewage treatment plants, these places that are prone to odor, often make the nearby residents unacceptable, such as adding a proper amount of deodorant, such as camphor oil, to the spray fan water tank. Spraying in the air on time can remove the odor in the air. My Japanese customer has installed a mobile centrifugal spray deodorant system in the indoor garbage disposal site, and sprays about 5% of acetic acid and biological deodorant into the air regularly. Greatly alleviate the smell of ammonia and other waste during fermentation