What are the advantages of spray fan in use

Summary:The water mist fan means that the water has a pressure of tens of kilograms under the action of the high-pressure water ...

The water mist fan means that the water has a pressure of tens of kilograms under the action of the high-pressure water pump, and the micro-mist is generated through the high-pressure nozzle. The diameter of the droplet is less than 10 microns, so the evaporation area is greatly increased. The air flow blown by the micro mist through the powerful fan greatly increases the wind speed on the liquid surface and accelerates the diffusion of gas molecules. Therefore, the evaporation of water is greatly increased. The water absorbs heat during the evaporation process and reduces the temperature. Colleagues can increase the relative humidity of the air. Reduce dust and purify air.

Spray fans generally have one of the following applications, including cooling, dust removal, humidification, agriculture, industry, and special occasions. In terms of cooling, it is generally used in large places such as outdoor restaurants, entertainment venues, stadiums, sports fields, airports, etc.; dust removal is mainly used for pollution control in farms and mines; humidification is mainly used for textile factories, parks, greenhouses, laboratories Increased air humidity in other places; in agriculture, spray fans are mainly used in family farms, breeding farms, etc., to make the environment reach a suitable temperature and humidity, suitable for the growth of poultry; in industry, spray fans are mainly used in metallurgy, leather, toy manufacturing, etc. Places, used to cool down and remove dust, and can also be used to eliminate electrostatic interference. In special occasions, such as movie theaters, flowers and trees, plant irrigation, etc., spray fans can be used.
The reason why the spray fan is widely used is mainly because it has the advantages of other spray systems. For example, the spray fan adopts a centrifugal secondary atomization design. There is no high pressure and no nozzle, which is convenient for maintenance. In use, the spray fan can immediately Start to cool down, and the cooling speed is very fast; in addition, the spray fan consumes very little power, and only consumes 1 kWh of electricity for 5 hours of continuous use. Its mobility is also very strong. The spray fan can be used alone without occupying the work area and is flexible Convenient, safe and reliable, and will not cause the phenomenon of dripping wet ground. As can be seen above, how effective the spray fan is as a part of the spray system. Regardless of which aspect, we should understand the spray fan to better apply it where we need it.