What are the damp treatment methods for boiler induced draft fans

Summary:With the development of social economy and technology and the acceleration of social industrialization, various high-tec...

With the development of social economy and technology and the acceleration of social industrialization, various high-tech products have facilitated our production and life. Boiler induced draft fan is such a high-tech product. However, it is inevitable that there will be malfunctions during use.

1. Half of it depends on the specific conditions and possibilities of the induced draft fan of the boiler, which are all based on the guidelines and the degree of dampness of the insulation. Sometimes when the boiler induced draft fan can not achieve the expected effect by using one method, the technician can also choose two monotonous methods to protect together to speed up the monotonic speed, which can slow down the service life of the fan. When the motor of the fan is monotonous, the internal surrounding environment should be cleaned as necessary. The dust and dirt in the fan should be blown with monotonous compressed air and the motor shell should be grounded.
2. In order to avoid the loss of heat energy when the induced draft fan of the boiler is monotonous, heat preservation methods can usually be selected, such as covering the fan with canvas. However, the fan should have necessary vents during the repair process to clean the moisture in the motor insulation. When the motor is boring, the temperature of the iron core or winding of the fan should gradually rise slowly, and the temperature is usually allowed to rise to 5-9°C per hour. The thermometer can be an alcohol thermometer, a resistance thermometer or a thermocouple. It is forbidden to use a mercury thermometer to measure the temperature of the motor to prevent mercury from flowing into the motor windings and damaging the insulation.
Many people think that mechanical products such as boiler induced draft fans are not damp, but they are different from other products when they are damp. The service life of the fan will be reduced with the protection of the equipment. Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the fan equipment should be done in the operation.