What are the common faults of centrifugal fans in general

Summary:Failure phenomenon oneTrouble phenomenon: centrifugal fan lubrication system failurethe reason:1. The clearance between ...

Failure phenomenon one
Trouble phenomenon: centrifugal fan lubrication system failure
the reason:
1. The clearance between the bearing hole of the oil pump and the gear shaft is too small, and the radial clearance between the inner hole of the housing and the gear is too small;
2. The gap between the gear end face and the bearing end face and the side cover end face is too small;
3. The lubricating oil is of poor quality, inappropriate viscosity or excessive moisture;
1. Overhaul to make the gap reach the required range;
2. Adjust the gap;
3. Replace the lubricating oil of the centrifugal fan;
Fault phenomenon two
Trouble phenomenon: reduced wind pressure
the reason:
1. The system resistance is too large;
2. The density of the medium has changed;
3. The impeller is deformed or damaged;
1. Modify the design of the system to make it more reasonable;
2. Adjust the imported blades;
3. Replace the damaged impeller;

Failure phenomenon three
Trouble phenomenon: high bearing temperature
the reason:
1. The bearing is damaged;
2. Wrong selection of lubricating oil or lubricating grease;
3. The lubricating oil level is too high or lack of oil;
4. The amount of cooling water is insufficient;
5. The motor and fan have different center lines;
6. Rotor vibration;
1. Replace the bearing;
2. Re-select the model and replace the appropriate oil;
3. Adjust the oil level;
4. Increase the amount of cooling water;
5. Find radial and axial levels;
6. Find the balance of the rotor.

Failure phenomenon four
Trouble phenomenon: reduced air volume
the reason:
1. The speed is reduced;
2. The pipeline is blocked;
3. Seal leakage;
1. Check the power supply voltage;
2. Unblock and clean the pipeline;
3. Repair or replace the seal;
Failure phenomenon five
Trouble phenomenon: vibration
the reason:
1. The foundation is not firm, sinking or deformed;
2. The main shaft is bent and deformed;
3. The outlet valve opening is too small;
4. The alignment is not good;
5. The rotor is unbalanced;
6. Pipeline vibration;
1. Repair and strengthen the foundation;
2. Replace the spindle;
3. Make appropriate adjustments to the valve;
4. Re-alignment;
5. Dynamically balance or replace the rotor;
6. Reinforce the pipeline or adjust the piping;