What are the basic characteristics of high-pressure fans

Summary:We know that high-pressure fans are used for many purposes, such as wastewater treatment in daily life, sewage treatment...

We know that high-pressure fans are used for many purposes, such as wastewater treatment in daily life, sewage treatment, industrial steelmaking, printing industry in paper cutters, combustion deoxidizers, cigarette filter forming machines, electroplating bath liquid stirring, and atomization drying Machines, water treatment aeration, aquaculture, screen printing machines, photo platesetters, injection molding machines, automatic feeding dryers, liquid filling, etc., all have to be completed by high-pressure fans to achieve faster and more efficient completion operation.
High-pressure fan is one of many types of wind, also known as high-pressure blower, whirlpool air pump, whirlpool fan, and its characteristics determine the basic selection requirements of the customer group, the correct understanding of the knowledge of the high-pressure fan and user selection It is impossible to understand it, let us understand its characteristics together below.

1. The high-pressure fan runs without oil, so the output air is very clean. Many users feel that the use of oil in the blower has a great impact on the environment when using high-pressure blowers. The emergence of oil-free blowers has solved all problems.
2. The high-pressure fan has dual-purpose functions for blowing and sucking. A machine can have two functions: both blowing and sucking. A high-pressure fan like this is a very good choice for users who need to meet both blowing and suction.
3. The integral die-cast pump body uses a shockproof mounting angle seat, which not only reduces the difficulty of installation, but also plays a role of automatic fixation, which facilitates the normal operation of the entire high-pressure fan, and reduces the installation time and installation. cost of.
4. Low noise. Unlike other fans, the higher the power of the high-pressure fan, the lower the noise. This is a relatively environmentally friendly point in the overall fan design, and other types of blowers cannot be compared with each other.
5. The high pressure makes the pressure multiple of the high-pressure fan dozens of times higher than that of the traditional fan.
To sum up, the characteristics of the high-pressure fan are summarized as high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection, and it also actively responds to the national environmental protection policy of "no gold and silver mountains, but green water and green mountains". This can be regarded as a contribution to the country's environmental protection cause!