How to choose a suitable axial fan

Summary:1. What is an axial fan?Axial fans are airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blades (that is, the direction o...

1. What is an axial fan?
Axial fans are airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blades (that is, the direction of wind is parallel to the axis), such as electric fans, air conditioners outside fans are fans operating in axial flow.
Axial fan is also called local fan. It is a kind of fan commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises. It is different from ordinary fans. Its motor and blades are in a cylinder, and the shape is a cylindrical shape. It is used for local ventilation and is easy to install. The ventilation effect is obvious and safe, and the air duct can be connected to the designated area.
2. How to choose an axial fan?
1) In the axial flow fan selection performance chart, it is found that there are more than two types of axial flow fans to choose from, the one with higher efficiency and smaller machine size should be selected first: the one with larger adjustment range, of course, should be added Compare and decide by weighing the pros and cons.
2) Before choosing an axial flow fan, you should understand the production and product quality of domestic axial flow fans, such as the production, specifications and various special purpose products of axial flow fans, and the development and promotion of new products. Fully consider the requirements of environmental protection.

3) When selecting axial fans, avoid axial fans in parallel or series. When it is unavoidable, the same model should be used to work with the performance of the axial fan. When in series, there should be a certain pipeline connection between the first axial flow fan and the second axial flow fan.
4) The ventilation system with noise requirements should first select the axial fan with high efficiency and low impeller circumferential speed, and make it work at the highest efficiency point. According to the noise and vibration of the ventilation system, corresponding sound attenuation and vibration reduction measures should be taken. Generally, axial fans and motors are used to reduce vibration, such as spring shock absorbers or rubber shock absorbers.
5) When choosing a centrifugal axial flow fan, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, it is not necessary to install a valve for starting only. When a centrifugal boiler induced draft fan is selected for discharging high temperature flue gas or air, a valve for starting should be installed to prevent overload during cold operation.
6) According to the different physical and chemical properties of the gas conveyed by the axial flow fan, choose the axial flow fan for different purposes. Explosion-proof axial flow fans should be selected for transporting explosive and flammable gases; dust exhaust or pulverized coal axial flow fans should be selected for dust exhaust or pulverized coal transportation; anticorrosive axial flow fans should be selected for transporting corrosive gases; High-temperature axial flow fans should be selected for working in high-temperature situations or conveying high-temperature gas.