Common faults and treatment methods of fans

Summary:Fans are widely used in various industrial sectors. Generally speaking, centrifugal fans are suitable for places with sm...

Fans are widely used in various industrial sectors. Generally speaking, centrifugal fans are suitable for places with small flow and high pressure, while axial fans are often used for large flow and low pressure. In recent years, with the widespread use of fans, There are more and more failures, so let's analyze the common problems and solutions in the use of wind turbines.
1. Reasons for excessive vibration: the rotor is out of balance; the foundation is not firm; the adjustment valve is closed too small to cause flying phenomenon; the bearing is damaged.
Solution: After replacing or repairing the broken parts, redo the dynamic and static balance correction; tighten the anchor bolts; replace the bearing body; adjust the valve opening.
2. Insufficient air volume and air pressure
Reasons: insufficient voltage, low speed; large pipe loss; wrong fan selection.
Treatment method: adjust the voltage; modify the pipeline, block the leakage, replace the seal; reselect the model.
3. The bearing temperature rise is too high
Reasons: too much or too little grease; impurities in the lubricant; unbalanced rotor; excessive bearing load; insufficient cooling water in the oil station.
Treatment method: adjust the amount of oil and grease; clean the oil tank, replace the lubricant and filter, and change the oil; after replacing or repairing the damaged parts, redo the balance; check the water channel and adjust the water volume.
4. Motor overload,
Reasons: low voltage; large air volume; large power loss; spindle reversal.
Treatment method: properly close the air inlet to reduce air leakage in the pipeline, and close the valve damper when starting to correct the rotation of the spindle.
5. Oil leakage
Reason: damaged fuel tank or seal.
Treatment method: repair or replace the seal.
The maintenance and maintenance measures of the fan include:
1. Inspection of lubrication system
a. Daily check whether the oil storage in the fuel tank is below the minimum mark. If the oil is insufficient, please refuel.
b. Daily check whether the oil is mixed with moisture and other dirt and deteriorated. If it deteriorates, please replace the oil in time.
c. Clean the oil filter daily.
d. Daily check whether the dripping condition of the drip nozzle is normal, if the drip nozzle is dirty, the adjusting screw can be removed for cleaning.
2. Inspection of the air filter Daily check whether the air filter is dirty. If it is dirty, remove the air filter, unscrew the wing nut, remove the cover, and clean the filter sponge. (Be careful not to drop dirt into the fan host when removing the filter)
3. Check the V-belt After the fan runs for a period of time, the V-belt will stretch. At this time, loosen the fixing bolts of the motor, move the motor, tighten the triangle belt to the proper position, and then tighten the fixing bolts of the motor. Note that the end faces of the motor pulley and the fan pulley should be on the same plane. At the same time, check whether the tightening screws of the two pulleys are loose.
4. Frequently check the operating conditions of the fan and motor. If noise or temperature is found to be abnormal, stop the machine for maintenance in time.
5. Daily check for oil and gas leaks and repair them. If repairs are not possible, please notify the manufacturer immediately.
6. Clean the fan room daily, keep it clean and well ventilated.
7. Check the flexible condition of the safety valve daily. If it is not flexible, please clean and debug to ensure reliable opening and closing.