Common faults and analysis of fans--vibration of air duct system

Summary:How to quickly determine the cause of the fault in the operation of the wind turbine and take effective measures to solv...

How to quickly determine the cause of the fault in the operation of the wind turbine and take effective measures to solve it is the guarantee of the user's continuous and safe operation. A fan is a machine that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into conveying gas and giving gas energy. Although there are many types of fan failures and the reasons are complex, according to the investigation, the fan failures in actual operation are more: bearing vibration, high bearing temperature, protection device malfunction, lack of power supply of the motor, and the reasons can be analyzed for different phenomena. Adopting appropriate treatment methods can often achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.
The vibration of the duct air duct system causes the vibration of the induced draft fan:
1. The vibration of the pipeline usually causes the forced vibration of the fan. This is a situation that is easy to occur and easy to overlook in production. As the load increases, the fan outlet diffuser increases the air intake and output, and the vibration will also change. Generally, the lower part of the diffuser only has 4 fulcrums, and the joint asbestos canvas on the other side is a soft joint, so the entire diffuser 60% of the weight of the barrel is the suspension force. It can be seen that the vibration of the bearing seat is directly related to the diffuser, so the greater the load, the greater the vibration of the bearing. In response to this situation, a live fulcrum is added below the outlet end of the diffuser, which can be raised, lowered and moved. When the load of the unit changes, only need to fine-tune the fulcrum to eliminate vibration.
2. The main reasons for the collision between moving and static parts in production practice:
(1) The impeller and the air inlet (collector) are not on the same axis.
(2) The air inlet is damaged and deformed after a long running time.
(3) The impeller is loose and the impeller shakes greatly.
(4) The shaft and bearing are loose.
(5) The bearing is damaged.
(6) The spindle is bent.
Take different treatment methods according to different situations. There are many reasons for the vibration of the fan. Others, such as large deviation of the coupling center, insufficient foundation or frame rigidity, vibration of the prime mover, etc., are sometimes the result of various reasons. In actual work, we should conscientiously summarize experience, accumulate more data, grasp the status of equipment, find out the law of equipment deterioration, and take appropriate measures to solve problems when they occur.