Brief introduction of daily maintenance of centrifugal fan

Summary:Regardless of the equipment, daily maintenance is essential. The daily maintenance of centrifugal fan bearings is to pay...

Regardless of the equipment, daily maintenance is essential. The daily maintenance of centrifugal fan bearings is to pay attention to its lubrication status. For example, it is necessary to regularly check whether the data of the lubrication system is within the standard range, and to check the measurement of the lubricant and the distribution of its quality by opening the bearing cover. In addition, the middle line of the bearing needs to be adjusted, and attention should be paid to check the axial and radial offset.
In addition to paying attention to regularly observe and check the bearing operation, if you encounter abnormal problems, you need to deal with them in time. For example, when it is found that there is too much lubricant in the bearing, the standard dosage of lubricant needs to be restored immediately; if the quality of the lubricant is found to be problematic, the bearing should be disassembled immediately, and the bearing should be thoroughly cleaned. Re-add suitable lubricant; if there is a lack of lubricant in the bearing, it is also necessary to add a suitable amount of lubricant as soon as possible. It is important to maintain the bearings of the centrifugal fan, but the premise is that you have chosen a good centrifugal fan, otherwise you will not do more maintenance.
In order to ensure that the centrifugal fan equipment can operate stably for a long time, it needs to be overhauled according to its usage. Under normal circumstances, in the process of using centrifugal fan equipment, the staff should ensure that it undergoes minor repairs every three to six months. The equipment is repaired every 12 to 24 months, that is, targeted repairs. Overhaul the equipment every 24 to 48.
For centrifugal fan equipment, the basic maintenance content mainly includes:
1. Check and clean each bearing, replace bearing grease or lubricating oil, and indicate the normal oil level and oil level.
2. Check the sealing condition of each part and clean the internal dust.
3. Check whether there are cracks, rust, abrasion, loose screws, etc., and deal with it.
4. Check the coupling and its protective cover, and replace the worn rubber elastic ring.
In addition to the above, it is necessary to carefully check whether the fastening bolts of the centrifugal fan equipment are intact, block the air leakage in time, and repair the insulation material. At the same time, check and repair the adjusting damper to ensure its flexibility and correct instructions. The cooling water system needs to be checked and repaired later.
In the mid-repair and overhaul of the centrifugal fan equipment, in addition to all the above minor repairs, it is also necessary to repair or replace the blades (rivets) according to the wear and cypress conditions of the impeller welding seam (or rivet). And make static balance check. In addition, it is necessary to repair the severely worn parts of the centrifugal fan shell and blades, repair welding or replace the lining of the anti-wear layer, etc.