What is the cleaning method of boiler induced draft fan


Boiler induced draft fan is a kind of driven fluid mach […]

Boiler induced draft fan is a kind of driven fluid machinery, which is mainly to increase gas pressure and discharge gas. What are its functions:
Boiler induced draft fan is a kind of equipment that can pump the flue gas in the boiler. When the combustion in the boiler is not completely burned, a large amount of exhaust gas will be generated in the boiler. Affect the working efficiency of the boiler, and the main function of the boiler induced draft fan is to discharge these exhaust gases in time.
When any kind of equipment is in use, in order to better maintain the efficiency of the equipment, we need to clean the equipment regularly. The purpose of this is to remove the dirt and impurities accumulated on the equipment all the year round, and to better improve the equipment. Use efficiency, so when we use the boiler fan is no exception, then what is the specific cleaning method? Let's take a look at it together.

The first is to disassemble the casing and bearing box of the induced draft fan of the boiler. This is the external part of the fan. You cannot disassemble other parts without disassembling them first. The part of the fan that cannot be disassembled and cleaned is the motor, which is mainly for fear of burning the motor when it is exposed to water. The process of disassembling the fan should be marked so as to reduce the possibility of errors when installing it back.
After disassembling the various parts, wipe off the oil and dust with tools, and dry them before proceeding with the assembly. There are also many places that need to be paid attention to during the assembly process. To assemble the boiler induced draft fan, first use a pair of inclined shim irons of the same size to lay it flat on the foundation, tighten each bolt, and perform a test run on the assembled fan. Only after the test run can it be put into normal operation.
In short, in order to ensure the efficiency of the boiler induced draft fan, we need to clean the fan regularly. At the same time, because the fan is a dust removal device, it is more likely to be exposed to impurities and dirt. Therefore, when we are making a cleaning plan, we can The time interval is reduced to better guarantee the efficiency and service life of the fan.