Fan icing solution


First, analyze the cause of the icing of the lower fan: […]

First, analyze the cause of the icing of the lower fan: the premise of icing must be water and below the freezing point. In the winter of the nine-long winter, the indoor temperature of the operating environment is high, the outdoor temperature is extremely low, the hot and cold airflow meets and condenses into water droplets, and the water droplets are cold. It is frozen, especially in the northeastern region, where the indoor air humidity is very high and the icing of the fan is more serious.
    Analysis of the cause of the icing of the fan, the countermeasures naturally have: 1, start the fan to reverse the ice, this is the main way to wind the ice in winter. This method is good for the ice-making effect of the axial flow fan, but the negative impact is very large, which may cause the failure of the fastening bolts at the coupling and the hub, which affects the normal operation of the fan. 2, dehumidification: Timing for the axial flow fan to do dehumidification work, to avoid a large amount of water condensation in the fan; 3, heating: can be equipped with a heater for the axial flow fan, to avoid water condensation caused by water condensation. This is also a convenient and feasible method adopted by many wind turbine customers.