The operation of AC fans is mainly divided into three types


AC fans work through the input of AC power. The purpose […]

AC fans work through the input of AC power. The purpose is to generate air flow through the operation of the fan blades to reduce the temperature of the operating equipment and avoid heat loss to reduce the performance of the equipment. Unlike DC fans, the air volume of AC fans is Stable and continuous, so it can average the temperature on various devices, and by adjusting the different speeds of the blower fans, different temperatures can be obtained to achieve the purpose of heat source management.

The operation of AC fans is mainly divided into three forms
The first type is an axial flow AC fan. The air flow is perpendicular to the fan blades, and the air inlet and outlet are in the same direction. The main advantages are large air volume, simple installation, high efficiency, high-speed operation, diversified product selection, and different combinations. The air volume and speed provide users with a choice of axial fans in various environments. The outward-rotating AC axial fans have more powerful air volume and speed than traditional axial fans. The choice of metal blades is more It meets the needs of customers in harsh environments. With the design of the wind deflector, it can be used as an AC duct fan, allowing more concentrated air volume and higher efficiency.
The second type is a cross-flow AC fan. The inlet wind and the outlet are parallel, but not on the same axis. The fan industry and the outlet have a narrow and long structure design, which is especially suitable for installation in flat equipment, such as elevator equipment or It is an industrial blowing machine and other equipment.
The third type is a AC Centrifugal Fan, a backward-inclined centrifugal fan design. The air is sucked into the air outlet from the center of the blade, and the air is sucked out spirally along the blade through centrifugal inertia. The air inlet and the air outlet form a 90-degree structural design, which is suitable for special needs. For industrial fan users, the AC blower adopts a backward-inclined centrifugal fan motor structure, and the centralized design of the air outlet allows the wind to blow further. The AC ceiling fan also uses a backward-inclined centrifugal fan motor design, which is especially suitable for Ventilation, ventilation, exhaust and other needs in home life.
How to choose a suitable fan
The efficiency of AC fans is becoming more and more important. Whether it is a chassis fan used in a cabinet, an electronic fan used in electronic parts, or an industrial fan used in industrial electronics, it will have more and more functions. Packed into smaller and smaller spaces, resulting in a much higher heat energy in the space than before. In response to this trend change, AC fans must be required to achieve the highest efficiency output in a limited space to achieve the ultimate goal of heat source management .